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10 Great Reasons to Make PowerCell Your Rental Radio Supplier of Choice...

  1. On-Site Support - Field technicians and support personnel are available to help manage your event communications.

  2. Reliable Kenwood Radios -  Compact, lightweight and easy to use, Kenwood equipment is used exclusively to ensure trouble free service.

  3. Competitive Rates - Rent by the day, week or month. Our rate plans are cost effective and easy to understand.

  4. Same Day Delivery - Because all of our equipment is managed from one location, we can easily handle last minute orders.

  5. Advanced order Reservation - You can schedule your radio reservations weeks, months or even years in advance.

  6. Professionally Packaged - Your equipment arrives clean, tested and ready to go in our exclusive ActioPak® easy-tote shipping cases.

  7. Portable Power - Our portable repeaters are truly “portable” with retractable handles and no-scuff wheels.

  8. Years of Experience - With 20 years in event management we have the knowledge and experience to ensure a smooth rental.

  9. Accessories- Headsets, speaker microphones or surveillance earpieces, we stock the finest quality audio accessories.

  10. Large or Small - PowerCell can meet your needs. Whether it’s 1 radio, or 1000 radios, we have the products and services you’re looking for.

Why Rent Radios?

Renting communications equipment can be an invaluable asset for all types of organizations. Whether you need a few radios for a long period of time, or a large number of radios for a few days, PowerCell has just what you’re looking for.

  1. Film – shooting on time and on budget

  2. Sport – events and program management

  3. Security – corporate safety and security

  4. Events – co-ordinating venues at every level

  5. Retail – controlling stock-takes

  6. Construction – streamlining communications

  7. Manufacturing – seasonal variations in demand

Rental Rate Plans

Do you have a special or short term need for reliable wireless communications? Let PowerCell’s Rental Services provide your company, event, or organization with competitively priced two-way radios. We have a rental plan to suite every need - large or small.

Our rates include daily, weekly and even monthly options designed to meet your personal or business requirements. If you have a large event or require special services, just give us a call and we’ll assemble a customized quote designed just for you.

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